68.) If I had you, life would be a party, it'd be ecstasy.

(If I Had You - Adam Lambert)

Oh, the wonders of internet search engines and social networking never cease to amaze me... I have recently discovered a beautiful website filled with clothes, created by brilliant designers, that I could easily see myself dreaming up in my brain, and attempting to sew (and failing epically): Behold the wonder of all that is idontlikemondays.us! srsly, check this shit out.

GORGEGORGEGORGE. I think I just drooled on my keyboard.

Also: I want NEED to buy these clothes. Now. They're essential to the future of my happiness (and existence). 

from my polyvore

(all clothes available at idontlikemondays.us)
Black mesh dress - Stolen Girlfriends Club - $115 CAD
White blouse - Seneca Rising - $110 CAD
Red ankle boot - Melissa - $94 CAD
Blue tee - Seneca Rising - $46 CAD
Black pleated tank - Maurie and Eve - $47 CAD
Yellow heels - Melissa - $110 CAD
Star print denim shorts - Stolen Girlfriends Club - $115 CAD
Silk harem pants - Savant - $370 CAD
Knit cardigan with alpaca collar - Savant - $245 CAD
Reverse black balloon shorts - $170 CAD

&TO ALL OF YOU WITH MAD $$: Who's feeling generous? *insert pathetic puppy dog face here with trembling lip*


xoxo, madlove.


  1. woaaah those pieces ARE mad gorgeous

    but also

    mad expensive :/


    this always happens

    a new store opened up at the mall "Sakura" and it's so fab
    srsly everything in it is what i like right now, and ultimately what i want to cover/adorn myself with for everyday fashion

    there's all these guess leather vests
    and cute tight sequined dresses
    and amazing acid washed jeans

    but everything's like 200 bucks! i can't even afford a tee shirt in there tho they are totes awesome and unique and ... rad

    the inside of the store is soooo white and bright. it's like being in.. a really white room. like a boutique or something.

    my one wish:
    to work there.
    but they'll never hire a 16 yr old with no experience and no money!

    i'll stop ranting on about.. money problems.

    thanks for introducing this online store to me!
    pretty cool tho i'll never be able to afford it...

    i really like the shoes with the wings on. like pegasus in hercules, no, what's the guy with wings on his shoes? hera or something? i'm not really down with the greek gods :')
    anyhow, if you can find me one of these but for the uk, i will love you eternally,
    KTHNXBAI :')
    i need to learn to sew so i can copy these bad boys.
    x x x

  3. those melissa shoes are ridiculous. i want them !

  4. i'm afraid france is way less cool than it sounds. i've been there about a gajillion times because its only a couple of hours away from the uk so that's about as far as we can be bothered to travel these days.
    as for your summer staples:
    - sandals (obv.) -good choice
    - my Lady Gaga-esque sunnies -also good choice
    - cute, flowy cotton dresses -need some
    - flats of all descriptions -good choice for tall girls
    - mad cool nail polish worn at all times. :) -NEED TO BUY MAD COOL NAIL POLISH

    what colours are "in" this summer?
    x x x

  5. yes I drooled also, more I'm like in comma!!! Super thanks for introducing the shop, it's amazing!


  6. kay just read your comment on my last post

    awwe i will definitely try to write something worthy of being posted soon! just for you


    don't hurt me! :S jks

  7. Thanks for the comment love. Keep comin back and giving me feedback!

    Have a good day ;)

  8. 001. i can't believe you haven't heard of filofaxes.
    002. glitter + nails = good m8
    003. i gave you a blog award; i hope you don't already have it :)
    x x x

  9. These are fabulous! Perfect!

    My favorite is the 5th one. I LOVE billow-y sleeves (yes, I just made that adjective up).

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,



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