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Drain the pressure from the swelling.

Hellooo-ooo-oooo, blogosphere! Long time, no post! (Which I apologize deeply for. I've seriously been up to my ears in homework/studying/socializing/partying/sleep-deprivation/illness/extra-curriculars/midnight McDonald's runs/test-writing/boy-chasing/boy-catching/boy-losing/flirting/coffee-drinking MADNESS since September began.) It's not you, it's me.

Ahem-hem. Anyways.

Since university's been keeping me so busy, I guess I can fill you in on a few details of my now-insane lifestyle (that I like to pretend I hate at times, but I actually adore and wouldn't change for the world), along with some advice and hints:

a) Yes, dorm rooms are small, but not as small as you'd think. It's amazing how much stuff you and a room-mate can cram into a closet-sized area when you realize how badly you need a mini-fridge, a coffee maker, a 36" flatscreen TV, a DVD player, a hundred DVDs, enough cutlery to properly-supply Asia with, every single "suggested" textbook (just in case!), your entire wardrobes, all your accessories, a pair of shoes for every day of the month, and enough makeup to open your own boutique.

b) Waking up at least half an hour before class time is optimal so you aren't rushing to get to class, change, and eat. Then again, when you go to bed at 3 or 4 am every night, sleep is totally optional and you might as well just pull an all-nighter to get that English paper that you've been putting off done.

c) I live on the social (read: party) floor. Pros: super fun, awesome and friendly people, always something to do. Cons: super loud, awesomely-overdramatic people, always something to do (and distract me from my studies). Self-discipline is definitely a requirement, but I wouldn't change my living situation for the world. <3 I love my friends and my floor!

d) Boys in university are only marginally more mature than high school boys. So far, in less than two months into my freshman year, things have gone awry with me and five different guys. So, um, yeah. Boys are stupid, and also: NEVER EVER take guys home from the bar. It ends badly, and you remain sporting a neck looking like it's been violently strangled.

e) The only benefit to living 400 feet from all the first year guys is that it's super easy to make male friends (this is the ONE and ONLY thing they're good for - in my opinion, right now - so take advantage of it). Going over to the guys' wing to escape girl drama is definitely necessary.

f) EXERCISE and deny yourself of the yummy sugary/carb-y/fatty/deep-fried foods in the caf. Substitute in veggies. I seriously have actually LOST ten pounds since going to university. No freshman 15 pour moi!

g) First-year university is basically a review of everything you did in high school, with a few extra tidbits and the occasional stupid class-time or irritating prof thrown in. It's not all that much harder, you just have to study more frequently and actually pay attention in class.

h) The bar = where it's at. Just not on a Monday. Or Tuesday. Wednesday to Sunday is free game!

i) Stay hydrated (this is always a good plan)! ...Especially when you begin drinking at 2 in the afternoon on a Friday.

And uhhm, now. What else have I been up to?

OHYEAH - I just finished learning the entire "Thriller" dance sequence. I'm gonna be MJ for Halloween so, y'know, bonus and everything. =) Perhaps I should upload a video...?

What're y'all gonna be this year?!

Ps. Sorry for the wordiness! Gahhh. So much word vomit, so little sleep. Plus I've been sick for like a month. Yuck. =( Will try to update more regularly once midterms are over!


I can't pay my rent but I'm fucking gorgeous!

"Semi Precious Weapons (New Version)" by Semi Precious Weapons. 
Justin Tranter (vocalist) is the sexiest man alive. Even sexier than Lady Gaga. (OHYEAHTHAT'SRIGHT, I. WENT. THERE.) Y'all should buy his jewelry RIGHT HURR (CLICK OR DIE)! I know I would if I had the money. Sigh...

N-E-WAYSS. Speaking of beautiful people...


THIS is my bff A. SHE'S IN A FRICKIN' MAGAZINE AD! OHHMYYGGOOSSHHH. <33 (It's the September 2010 issue of Seventeen, for all you skeptics out there. The ad's pretty close to the front.) She's the most beautiful girl I know, inside AND out. We've been friends for 11 years, and I can't imagine a better person to have on my side!

THEN. (She's the princess. I'm Harry Potter.)

NOW. (She's in purple. I'm in yellow.)

SAY WHAT, SAY WHAT?! Oh, how we've grown up... Congrats, A.

Lastly - but not least...ly? - I danced my ass off last Friday night (on speakers at the bar) wearing the following:

I have no eyes. Oops. And it was dark. So umm. Bad combo. (And also, bad photo quality.)

Handcuff necklace - gift. Black tank - Bootlegger. Orange knit shirt - Urban Behavior. Bracelets - bought in China (jade; on left wrist); Claire's (silver; on right wrist). Black liquid leggings - Sirens.

BAD IDEA. Layers on top + skintight bottoms + blister-inducing flats (not pictured, but they're damn cute and leopard print!) + jumping around on speakers = PAIN AND COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF SWEAT. Needless to say I probably scared off more than a few cute guys with my stench and horrid facial expressions of pain and heat exhaustion.

So, all in all, a fun time.


xoxo, madlove.