69. I'm afraid to sleep because of what haunts me, such as living with the uncertainty that I'll never find the words to say - that would completely explain - just how I'm breakin' down.

(Sleeping Sickness - City & Colour)

1. OHMYGOSSHH. Is anyone else completely and totally inlove with the new TV series Pretty Little Liars?!?!?!?

GAAAHH. Holy jeebus. I have become completely and totally hooked on the show, and every Tuesday night is like Christmas morning when I was five. I mean, it's just oh-so-dramatic and deep and insightful (HAHAHAHA, JAYKAY, I just need to try to justify my sudden, insane - and really pathetic- fan-girlishness) that I think about it constantly and wish I knew them.

I mean, come on - there are so many things going on at once I practically need a palm pilot to dedicate to this series! It's like the new soap-opera-mixed-with-the-Hills-with-a-dash-of-Gossip-Girl-and-a-splash-of-the-O.C. And, somehow, it's completely appealing, no matter how totally ridiculous and completely unrealistic it is.

And, of course, most importantly, they live fabulous lifestyles (mostly) and look gorgeous all the time. Naturally, since I'm addicted to polyvore and want to own every single piece of clothing in Aria's closet, this happened:

Oops. ;)

Black cut-out dress - David Koma - $1,695 CAD
Brass key necklace - Roberto Cavalli
Black and white romper - livingdollshop.com.au
Leopard print clutch - Aspinal of London - $510 CAD
Antique brass with opal ring - Alex and Chloe - $330 CAD
Multi-chain silver necklace - Kenneth Jay Lane - $155 CAD
Black fringe bag - Blush B-lush$880 CAD
Aztec gold ring - Low Luv by Erin Wasson - $105 CAD
Purple floral dress - Forever 21 - $24 CAD
Blue jacket - McQ by Alexander McQueen - $595 CAD
Orange sunglasses - geeksunglasses.com
Studded platforms - Forever 21 - $29 CAD
Yellow skirt - Forever 21 - $14 CAD
White studded bag - Rebecca Minkoff - $305 CAD
Pearl and ribbon earrings - Lanvin - $955 CAD
Beige crepe skirt - Willow - $690 CAD

2.  BIGMADLOVE THANKS & HUGS to Jewel of Hey Jewel for this lovely blog award! :)

I hereby pass this piece of sunshine to an inspiring blogger whom I love dearly and admire deeply:
(srsly, check this girl out. she's a mad genius. 

3. I've recently re-discovered and become totally consumed by the awesome addictiveness/repetitiveness that is Pokemon, which I have been playing on my Nintendo DS endlessly over the past few days. Unfortunately, I suck and have only fought one Gym Leader so far. :'( ISN'T THIS GAME MEANT FOR 8 YEAR OLDS ANYWAYS?!?! Baaahhh. But the graphics are so colorful and the Pokemon are so adorbs! UGGHH. Faacckk yoouuu, clever Japanese game designers!

See? Totally irresistibly cute!

+ awesome fighting action sequences! SHAHHHBAAHHMM.  >:D

4. I'm 18 in three days. Which means I'm legally an adult where I live. Which means I can legally do all the things that I now do illegally. Which means that I'll have responsibilities. Which means Saturday is like a double-edged sword. (Also, I'll have to say goodbye to childhood.                                                                                                                                  HAHAH JUST KIDDING. I'm gonna be making fart jokes and giggling like a school girl when I'm fifty.)

ANYWAYZ, my 18th will be full of alcoholic, partyin' fun. ;)

Yay for glorified shenanigans and liver damage! :D


xoxo, madlove. 
(&fer god sakes, leave some love, bitches! :) )



    I'M SO JELZ.

    That is all.


    jks. yeah i wanna comment more cuz i love you and this post was jampacked with awesome goodness :D

    1) PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! i've been following up on it... irregularly but still.. i'm watching most of the eps. i dunno. they're all gorgeous. but totally different from what i expected from the books. (well actually... only the one book i've read teehee. i read it online for freeeeee)
    (yeep i'm cheap like that)
    i HATE aria.

    and why is there so much kissing?!

    the first like 3 eps included MUCHO MASSIVE MAKEOUTS

    it's a little annoying to watch bc each MMMAKEOUT is like 5 mins long and it takes away from the sneaky, suspenseful-ness of the plot.

    anyway all in all... it's an okay show to keep me entertained ... at least until glee and gossip girl eps resume :D can't wait!!! eeee

    ohh and that set you made. GORGE. abso-fricking-lutely GORGE. okay so i HATE aria but girl, she DOES dress well. ;D

    2) CONGRAAATS on the blog award! <3

    3) POKEMON IS BAD. jks. have you seen that youtube vid? it's so.. embarrassing and hilarious at the same time. go search it up!

    anyway yuppp they're as cute as ever.

    i've never really played the game. so dunno if it's THAT addicting. but hey, i like to play Sorority Life on Fb when i'm bored so i can't judge hehe.









  2. ps.


    i hope i meet that special guy ): i srsly do. i'm losing faith here.

  3. Love the pretty little liars collage!!

    rtf! Follow when you can :}

  4. 1. I OFFICIALLY NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW NOW. I've heard so much about it and I was sitting on the edge but WHATEVER IMMA YOUTUBE IT STAAAAT. Plus I read the series during my adolescence so hollaaa for reminiscing awkward years.

    2. OH MY GOD. I am so honoured! I am to trying to engrave those words in my mind and I do not lie. That is so sweet girl!

    3. Pokemon. Um. Can I just say being a 90s child is the BEST THING EVER? Yeah, that's RIGHT.

    4. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to youuu. It's not actually you're birthday yet, so I won't finish but try to imagine these words in the same song tune. (YEAH!)

    You're awesome.

  5. lol this is great! love your commentary haha
    and wowow looks like you're excited to be 18 soon aye hahah

  6. that david koma black cut out dress costs an arm and a leg, but i love it !

    xx lue

  7. loooooong cooommmmeeeeeenttt attackkkk!!!!!

    oh oh wait i made up a better joke

    i choose you, LONG-COMMENTER..MON


    I'm so pleased with myself right now. hehe. okay...

    YEAH OKAY SO the last few eps of PLL were good. very suspenseful, sneaky, creepy, weird, scary GOOD. but still. aria annoys me.

    i think it's cuz...

    well i think it's cuz i relate to her the most. her family sitch is kinda like mine. but BETTER. bc at least her parents care about her enough to let her in on stuff. and she's strong. and IT'S SO UNREALISTIC. if she's so messed up, why is she still so pretty, outgoing, and ... perfect? SHE'S PERFECT. auugh.

    hahaha have you heard of Princess Maker?!!! it's so addicting. but sooo repetitive. I was playing it all the time last week, just clicking and clicking and clicking. stayed up past 4. and now i realize how stupid it is LOL. but still... it's so addicting. i bet if i started playing right now, i'll be up all night. :/

    well at least get hammered with people you trust LOL.

    yeah i'm 16. turning 17 in about... 3 months! wow... so soon man. i'm not young anymore sniff sniff.

    jks i wanna grow older already srsly man.


    oh and moving sucks... but sometimes... you just need to start fresh right? and who knows. maybe out there, you can be a whole different person. and meet a family of vampires. and fall in love with one of them. and he'll protect you forever, and then ditch you bc he's afraid his family will eat you, and then come back to battle werewolves or something or other...

    woaaaahhh.... that was weird.

    i love you!!!!

    ps. I HATE YOU FOR BEING 18 <3

  8. LOL! I find it so weird how people only know about PLL when it comes on TV. When it was a book no one knew about it, so I could easily borrow it at the library. Now, I would have to go on a waiting list LOL. The media makes everything popular. O.o Nice blog! :D

  9. btw, you're so lucky you're turning 18. *gives death glare* don't party too hard. XD LOL.
    PS: Happy soon-to-be-bday. Just in case i'm busy in 3 days and can't tell you then. xD

  10. omfg degrassi makes me puke now. i wish craig and ellie and mannie would all come back. their love triangle made for a VERY delish show. i used to run home from school in gr 9 and click onto channel 9 (that was the only channel that ran reruns of Degrassi back then!!!! now it's Muchmusic. jeez way to go all popular) and watch yet another mindnumbing episode lol

    okay fine it's still tolerable. i sometimes watch it too. :/ but it'll never be the same... i'm interested in all the new people tho.
    do you think we could ever be cast??? like they'll need new actors every year ppl graduate right?!!!

    i could SO play a 14yrold. you can play... whatever age you think you can play. HEY some of those gr 10ers look like they're 20-something okay?!


    ON WHUTTT!!!


    yeah totes. we should do something super duper cool together!!!!!!! if only we lived... closer to each other... i mean we're not even in the same province! so damn close tho. ahhhh life

  11. i think you are by far one of my favourite bloggers atm, so don't feel honoured, i couldn't think of someone i'd rather give it to! :) i've never seen pretty little liars but i've heard it's very good so i expect some english tv channel will pick it up fairly soon.
    i can't wait til i'm 17 personally then i can drive
    x x x

  12. first of all, happy birthday & congrats for the award! and i love pretty little liars too! :)

    Castor Pollux

  13. OMG I SWEAR im obsessed with Pretty Little Liars too! I've read all of the books except for Wanted (Huge NERD) ^^ anyway I love your blog!! Finnaly fome young people up in this mother! lol jk (talking all gangsterish) Check out my blog! I write about drama in school and how to survive it! http://dramalikeomg.blogspot.com

  14. haha another show to add to my list! have fun on your 18th birthday. i love your blog your so funny.
    im going to follow you. =]


  15. haha congrats on being 18! Hope you have a ball. Cool blog by the way~

  16. I haven't seen pretty little liars yet. been meaning to check that show out but I'm not a big tv watcher.

  17. I like the this part

    4. I'm 18 in three days.. etc

  18. I still haven't seen pretty little liars, but I know I will! Great post, again!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  19. I have never seen that show, but I've heard so much about it... so maybe I'll watch it if I have time

    I know I'm a bit late but, HAPPY BDAY
    how was the party? hope you had a great time there

    ♥ Marley

  20. love this! omg you're nearly 18?!? yay!

    aww i know, factorie isn't really a major store here so they don't have an internet store :|


  21. Pretty Little Liars is amazing.

    Hannah x


    Also, welcome back! Please blog :D

    Yeeeah the new cast are pretty young. It's to make the show longer. and that new kid thhe transsexual or whatever? WHY. oh i know why:

    Writer of Degrassi: Okay... how can we make the show more shock-factor?!! So that Muchmusic will not cancel the show.
    2nd Writer: I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW let's put a transsexual kid in. THAT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE
    Writer: SUUUURE PERF!

    even though it does make the show more SHOCKFACTOR it's not anymore dramatic or... interesting. Gah.

    COLLAB... HMMM.. what can we do??!!!
    SRSLY. let's just put some ideas out there.
    Dress the same?
    Wear a similar outfit?
    I DUNNO.
    YOUR TURN. put some ideas down. :D

    OKAY>>> The gaga vid is NOT that good. Just saying. But still. Watch it on the 12th. And don't make fun of me? :3

  23. pretty little liars is my guilty pleasure...ADDICTED.

    18 means buying cigs and porn for me- it'd be good if that meant anything to me? oh 21 is so far away..

  24. WOW!! i'm so glad I came upon your blog! and this POST. i love PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. haha. it's so addictive!


  25. im just started to watch pretty little liars! DUDE i love that show!

  26. Ah, have fun on your 18th! love your blog, I'll def. be checking this blog out regularly!
    Off The Wardrobe

  27. Pokemon = awesomeness. I have alot of trouble beating the leaders (and I'm nearly 22!)

    I have seen ad's for pretty little liars, but I have yet to watch a episode. It looks very cool though :)

    Don't forget to enter the 1st birthday giveaway. Ends August 10th!

  28. Pretty Little Liars looks amazing! Please don't tell me I've missed it in the UK - has it started yet? Is it going to start? Hope you're okay - Charlie x

  29. i fucking love pretty little liars. <3

  30. Hello.
    Aw pokemon,I love it.Wish Drawn would go away to make room for May:)
    Nice blog.


  31. i was so obsessed with pokemon when it came out ages ago..lol.

    following you! hope yoou can follow me back.xo`


  32. omg, small fonts. hahaha i love your post and congrats for the award. :D

  33. OMG. You are gonna rock n roll when you turn 18 I just know, pop the champagne haha

  34. i've followed you too! thanks very much! :D

    Castor Pollux


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