066. | Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top.

Just a short post today to let you all know I'm not dead. (I might as well be, though, because I've been sick for the past two weeks and my body has pretty much given up on functioning at an intelligent, energetic level. Erg.) While the sun shines outside and my friends party day&night, I'm stuck inside watching daytime television, reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and trying not to tear out my swollen tongue/throat/lungs in frustration and boredom. I love summer vacation.

Endless hours of music videos and the internet have kept my spirits up a little, however. Katy Perry's "California Gurls" has been playing over and over in my head as my mind makes a feeble attempt to convince itself that I will soon be, post-recovery, a hot, luscious Californian, frolicking in the sand with lollipops and cute beach boys. Sigh. THE SONG IS JUST SO GODDAMN CATCHY. (And Katy's cute. ♥)

(Is it just me, or has Miss Katy suddenly got a bit more goin' on up top in her lady cupcakes? See picture 3. Hmm...)

& one last thing -
TOTD: Men in pink: sexy or not? Lemme know.

(all pics from weheartit)

Stay fabulous!

- xo, kyki 

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  1. maybe her lady cupcakes got a little photoshop treatment in that third photo! and she pulls off lavender purple nicely in her MV :)

  2. I'm having such a CHALLENGING time with this song! Everyone loves it and is saying it's the song of the summer - and I've never been a huge Katy Perry music fan, but I can usually figure out the words to her songs (I mean, it's kind of really repetitive) - BUT I CAN'T THIS TIME. I try to remember it, but all that's been repeating in my head is "Daisy Duke something on top something something something California Gurls." It's a tad annoying! Haha.

    Kind of a pointless rant but, at last, tis true.

    And men in pink? Hmm, sometimes. Sometimes I feel like they wear pink 'cause they think they're all preppy and cutting-edge and daring and it's, like, NO. But other times it's pretty flyyyy. (I don't actually utilize the word "fly" in real life.) What about your thoughts on this integral matter?

    (And Lady Cupcakes? Hahah.)


    P.S. Feel better! :)

  3. i think the question ought to be; men in shorts? sexy or not? and it's one i'm debating RIGHT. NOW.
    "sik guy" is english slang, if you're a sik guy it's a good thing. and just in case you're a fan of mean girls... nobody ever says "it's so fetch".
    and yes, optimismmm!
    and get well soon, sik guy :)
    x x x

  4. Guys in pink can be attractive, but only if worn correctly.

    -French Bean

  5. i like the song! not loooove it but like! katy perry is rad :D

    cute new header! taymom = awesome haha.

    guys AND gals can wear whatever the hell they want. it's not the colour, or the fit, or the style, it's HOW they wear it (i.e. with confidence) that makes em sexy :D

    I hope you feel better ): i can't believe you're sick during summer. worst thing ever. <3

    ps. must buy more walmart masks :3

  6. I feel ya I'm sick my self, and I agree Katy Perry's song is catchy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Coffee bean

  7. awww thanks man :)
    and yeah, i hate the elitist people on lookbook. they're all gorgeous. it's the equivalent of that dating website that's only for beautiful people?
    x x x

  8. haha katy perry is so orange in the first pic.
    ummm men in pink i don't like. my mum had a dinner party a few months ago and all the guys who were my age came in a pink shirt/tshirt. (there were 5 maybe?) it was the weirdest thing EVER. everyone in pink. so yes guys in pink tops these days just makes me cringe.

    i think shorts might still be okay? but not in pink...

  9. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW; totally taking your advice on the polo shirt thing and i am not buying it.
    x x x

  10. also everytime i visit your blog it makes me happy
    x x x
    this is getting a little creepy now, me commenting loads
    i'm gonna stop now

  11. sexy!
    it takes men with balls to actually rock pink..
    it shows they're confident and what's not sexy about that :)

    eclectic du jour

  12. you read my mind about the increasing size of her bojangles... am not going to start any rumous but hmmm.


  13. WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN 15 DAYS OR WHATEVER, if that's what your comment implied? adulthood, shitttt.
    and i need to buy a bear ear hoodie, then post pics.
    auschwitz is definitely definitely worth the trip. it changes everything. i'm so close to the people i went with because that kind of stuff changes the way you see everyone and everything.
    x x x

  14. Just came across your blog and I LOVE the layout/design! It's gorgeous. And "California Gurls" is probably one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard. Hope you get to feeling better :)

  15. I love Katey Perry, the new single is very catchy and the video is super cute! the gummi bearss


  16. aahaha she's great
    did you see her birthday party?
    everything was like Charlie and the chocolate factory
    ahaha so funny
    nice blog by the way


  17. Katy Perry has such a bangin bod! Ahhh. :) It's nice to see a girl in the industry who isn't all bones.

    Check out my blog! I've just started and LOVE yours.



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