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Well, hello there, beautiful people!

Today is a lovely day... NAHHT! I actually think that the following picture describes how I feel today (and have felt for the past couple days):

(image from weheartit)

(Yeah. It's been a shitty time.)

I've been in and out of emerg for the last couple of days because my lungs have decided, "FUCK YOU WE'RE GONNA DO OUR OWN THING, BITCH!" and have proceeded to make breathing a challenge. Anyways, after being rushed in to the hospital multiple times, I FINALLY got to talk to a doctor, and he gave me tons of meds and inhalers and stuff for my lungs. YAAAAY 4 DRUGZZZZZ. (And, y'know, being able to breathe without wheezing or sounding like a squeak toy. And Canadian health care. Word.)

But aaaaanyways. TIME TO MOVE ON. :)

The lovely Mimi of Soy Confessions tagged everyone who read her most recent blog post to do this little quiz-survey-thinger. SO HEEERRREE I GOOO! *insert dramatic hero music*

1. What shoe size are you?

Anything from 9 to a 10, depending on the shoe brand and style. I HAVE HUGE FEET AND WILL STOMP ON YOUR MOTHER IF YOU PISS ME OFF. :) 

2. Where do you work?

As we have learned from my vlog, I'm a lifeguard/swimming instructor at the local pool. It's pretty awesome. I love teaching lessons (usually) and the people I work with (sometimes).

3. Favorite piece of clothing you own?

OOOOH UMM. I love everything I own, DUUHHHRRR. Stupid. 

JUST KIDDING! I actually ADORE TO BITS&PIECES my pleather LEATHER (*shifty eyes*) jacket from H&M.

(It's buttery soft, so when people ask me if it's real leather I put on an oversized fake grin and say in my most oh-so-casual voice, "YAH UV COURSE IT IS! HAHAHA....Haaaa...WANNA TOUCH IT?!?" and they totally believe me. Or something.) It's periwinkle in reality, but looks kinda purple in the picture. :/

4. Your favorite blog?

I love love love LOOVVEE lots of blogs & bloggers! Check out my "devour" sidebar. :)

5. Do you have any pets?

2 kitties whom I love more than anything in the world. They'll one day make an appearance on the blog, promise. They're too cute!

6. How many siblings do you have?

None. HELL YEAH, ONLY CHILD BITCHEZZZZ. ;) (Besides, I think my parents were scared of having another kid as unmanageable as me.)

7. If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Rome. I've been there 4 times, and I wish more than anything that I could go back, buy a cute little house, and just live there among hot Italian men, eating gelato all day. Sigh...

(image from weheartit)

OROROR Venice! That was the ultimate BEST place I've ever been, but I think I might get sick of the boating everywhere thing. I like driving too much. ^^'

(image from weheartit)

8. What were you doing before this?
Facebookin'. I'm shamelessly addicted.

9. Your favorite food?

I love trying new food! Foreign cuisine is where it's attttt! :D~

10. Do you have a middle name?

Nikole. Spelled with a "k" because my parents are OH SO ORIGINAL or something. ;)

11. Your favorite websites?

Facebook fo sho. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time on blogs.

12. Who do you tag?

EVERYONE WHO READS THIS. Do it or I'll crush you with my giant shoes. >:)

PS. Hoping to upload another vlog soon! AND THIS IS JUST SUPER BITCHIN':

(image from weheartit)

I am SUPER JEALOUS of whosever nails these are. :O Like honestly. I WANT THESE FOR MYSELF.
Also, now that we're talking about it, who else has seen (AND ABSOLUTELY LOVED) Toy Story 3? Tell me about itttt.


Stay fabulous!

- xo, kyki

OR, email me: lunacyfringeblog@gmail.com


  1. awweh that does sound crappy

    teach your lungs a lesson

    get better soon babe

    hm i haven't seen toy story 3 yet (or toy story 2 either :S) but i'm plannin on it! ppl told me it was rly good :D

  2. ♥ cute blog ♥


  3. thanks for the very nice comment about me blog, that is really kind of you(and nice to hear too!)

    ah fake leathers are working for you, those are some insane nails aren't they!

  4. i spike my starbucks coffee with rum on a daily basis. don't worry its normal.



  5. Wow,such a funny nails!!


  6. Hahah, your answers made me giggle. You know, I kind of wish I had big feet. Or small feet. Because YOU GUYS GET ALL THE GOOD DEALS. There's always shoe sales but the average size 7 never has any shoes left! (Or cute ones, at least.) It's a little disheartening.

    And mmm Rome. It always always ALWAYS reminds me of the Lizzie McGuire movie. Always. But that's okay! I <3 Lizzie!

    And I hate admitting that I love Facebook. Because it probably serves as THE BIGGEST TIME WASTER OF LIFE SO SHHHH.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Love your quirky comments!

  7. i dont really do tones of diys but this ones has turned out grand!

  8. 1) rewatch the road to eldorado
    2) carry on being a sik guy
    4) look forward to everything. it makes life muchos... betteros.
    x x x x

  9. HAHAHAHAHA you are so funny. cute blog :)

  10. HEHEHEHHEH i love these answers
    i agree with the HOT ITALIAN MEN- I love how you bolded that ;)
    and that jacket. .AMAZING

  11. Your nails are SICK! nice blog :)


  12. Thats impressive nail artwork- nice blog layout too.


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