046. | No one is as lucky as us.

Red cardigan by BDG
Grey sleeveless bird top by Forever 21
Dark wash straight-leg jeans by Dish Jeans


I realized that I haven't ever posted an outfit-of-the day just this morning, and figured I might as well start. I have WAAYYY too many clothes, and perhaps sharing them with the internet will convince me that it is, in fact, okay to own thirty hoodies and fifty pairs of shoes.

...Or not. ^^' (But I can always dream.)

Taken in my sunny, colorful bedroom. Not enough time to go outside (although it is ridiculously nice out there) because I work in 15 minutes. Egads! I hate Sundays. :(


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment girl!!

    I love love your outfit and colors used:) I'm not too sure where my bag is from but I know its from UK. Got it from another blogger through a swap.

  2. 50 pairs of shoes? I'm jealous!
    Cute cardi x

  3. you look cutey patootie.

    i wish i was actually named cutie patootie. then i'd have higher self esteem bc every time someone calls my name, i'll think "oh they think i'm cute!"

    anyhoo, onto my non-crazy rambling now:

    you have a lot of hoodies. and shoes. O___o i'm jealous of the shoes part. i have enough hoodies myself, that i never wear out anymore.

    just read the second comment ^ i kinda wanna do a blogger swap meet! 'cept i just cleaned out my closet and donated most of my clothes to Big Brothers. also nobody lives near me ): i'm totally isolated.

    okay, done rambling. carry on, mdear.

  4. always love a little touch of red to an outfit



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