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My Spring Essentials

Romper by Topshop, $130 CAD
Way-farers by Ray-Ban, $165 CAD
Studded gladiators by Faith, $77 CAD
Lipgloss by Nars (in "Babe"), $25 CAD
White oxfords by Belle by Sigerson Morrison, $225 CAD
Butterfly necklace by Tarina Tarantino, $820 CAD
Draped shorts by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, $285 CAD
Cropped boyfriend jeans by PRPS, $460 CAD
SPF lotion by Skin Ceuticals, $39 CAD
Camisole by L'Agence, $300 CAD
Cropped leather jacket by Doma, $535 CAD
Crochet swimsuit by Topshop, $67 CAD
Sexy body by Johnny Depp, priceless


a. I'm really digging neutrals this season, which is strange for me because I like to wear a lot of strong, poppy, bold colors.
b. WHITE oxfords and cropped boyfriend jeans have been on my lust list for AGES but I sadly haven't been able to purchase either one yet... there is a home in my closet for you two, y'hear?
c. Totally digging the butterfly necklace, like WOAH. Statement jewelry will rule this spring!
d. I'm loving the updates on cool classics, like substituting metal -> plastic way-farers, bomber -> cropped leather jackets, and printed -> studded gladiators. These classics have gotten a trendy update, but will always remain timeless in essence!
e. Working at a pool gives me an excuse to own multiple (and often impractical) bathing suits, so I think a crocheted one-piece is long due.
f. I need infinite $$ and an infinite closet. :(

What are your spring wants&needs&lusts?


  1. haha love how you added the johnny depp bit :)
    my must haves would probably be some more funky patterned t shirts.

    and in response to your question:
    i used a black fabric paint pen to draw the dots on.


    is all I need.

  3. my spring wants/needs have nothing to do with spring, but i want some, so:
    1) doc martens. or similar.
    2) black leggings
    3) boyfriend jeans
    4) long hair
    5) the perfect summer dress
    number 5 is proving to be very elusive. and i'm glad that my blog amazes you, haha.
    x x x x

  4. ooh i really like the shoe! and johnny depp :D

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