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I'm hardcore girl-crushing on Miss Emily Osment. Not only is she cute and silly on Hannah Montana, but in real life, too! (Plus, her music's damn catchy. Can't get it outta my brain!) MuchMusic is promoting her like crazy for some reason, so I got to see her lovely face all day on the tube. Oh, how I wish I had her killer locks and svelte bod...


Pink/black abstract skirt from desireclothing.co.uk, $23 CAD
Yellow handbag by Balenciaga, price unknown
Perspex and crystal earrings by Holly Fulton, $145 CAD
Pink belted silk blouse by Stella McCartney, $1,220 CAD
Layered cross necklace by Lucky Brand, $95 CAD
Black blazer by Balmain, $7,530 CAD
Striped tube dress by Arden B, $45 CAD
Studded platforms by Forever 21, $31 CAD
Black skirt with rings by Felder Felder, $840 CAD
Sunglasses by Miu Miu, $210 CAD

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  1. she IS pretty darn cute... haven't heard her music yet tho. will make sure to. OH btw i'm following you nao. don't know why i wasn't before tho.. cuz umm you rock? :3


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