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/end rant.

(+) Checked out Shutter Island last Friday. Definitely worth the overpriced popcorn and broken seat. Leo's acting is top notch. (Why, oh, why isn't he IN anything anymore? I mean, yeah, he might not age like a fine wine - or Johnny Depp - but the dude's got skillz!)

I was completely unaware that this was based on a book until I read the credits. (Hm, guess I'm living under some sort of large rock.) Now I really wanna read it. This movie pulled me in and didn't let go for a second! The plotline had some great twists and turns, and certainly took me on a journey...right over the few tiny pot plot holes (forgiven, but only because Leo's in this!).



In other news, I took grad photos today... I can't believe I'll be finished high school in less than 4 short months! Egads. I'm not ready for the real world, I can barely handle the idea that I can drive unaccompanied!

ps. Sorry for extreme lack of (INTERESTING) posts. My brain feels like it's gone through a blender these past few weeks. O.O Hoping to get my muse back soon, seeing as she left without leaving a note or contact information...

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