042. | And I do want to show you I will run to you, to you till I can't stand on my own any more. I...cross my heart and hope to die.


Today is a happy day, fellow bloggers. Why, you ask? Well, considering that I just spent the day at school, then at work teaching Satan's spawn how to swim, then fighting with Telus for over an hour, AND because I have a math test in 2 days and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, one would likely assume that my day was terribly shitty.

But, no. I'm smiling from ear to ear because my parental units decided to give me my grad present a couple of months early. Thus, I am blogging to you from the convenience of my own room on my brand spankin' new 15" MacBook Pro. :D <- (Yes, yes, I know I look like the Cheshire cat. Shut up. I happen to be an Alice fan.)


Well, that's...pretty much all I have to say, actually. I really should be studying math. Ugh.

BUT! Before I go - since I just reminded myself of this earlier on the post -

YAYAYAY, I'm so excited to see this. <3

Oh, and does anyone else know why my Magic Mouse won't scroll? ;(


  1. im so excited to see this too!


  2. just saw this.

    was slightly disappointed.

    waaah. i dunno. my expectations were too high or smthing?

    also, i couldn't figure out what Johnny Depp was saying half o the time. maybe cuz he's mad. and spoke too quickly in that weird broken, lispy accent. anyhoo, i was disappointed. nuff said.


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