039. | I want a girl with a short skirt and a loooonnnngg, long jacket.

My cousins got me an online Forever 21 gift card. What should I buy?

Wing cuff bracelet, $6.10 CAD
Antique studded knit vest, $24 CAD
Metallic dot knit skirt, $9.25 CAD
Anchor earrings, $5.05 CAD
Shanti studded grey boots, $26 CAD
Black sequin shorts, $24 CAD
Gold casual shoes, $26 CAD
Feathered black and white tank, $15 CAD
Scenery tee with scoop back, $16 CAD
Metallic gold and black military-style blazer, $37 CAD
Pen vs. pencil tee, $11 CAD
Studded black booties, $39 CAD
Pin-up black and red sailor shorts, $24 CAD
Dotted navy and black pleat skirt, 21 CAD
Pyramid lapel jacket, $42 CAD
all by Forever 21

Anything else you think I'd like?


  1. love the gold metal shoes hun!

    sincerely, the fashionista from thesilentswagger.blogspot.com

  2. Loving the things you chose out. I'm going to my not-so-local (a flipping hour and a half away, dghesue) F21 on Monday, hooray.

  3. Ahh what a hard decision, everything here is awesome! Especially love that cloudy tee, reminds me a bit of christopher kane (just a hella lot cheaper! :). Oh and I've actually been after those flat studded shanti boots for ages, but the postage & conversion to australia adds up, grr..

  4. EVERYTHING ON HERE!!! droool.

    how much is the gift card?

    i think the gold oxford-like shoes are pretty good. very versatile.

    the metallic gold-dotted pencil skirt is nice as well.

    a military jacket is always good :D

    the feathered tank seems like a good investment piece. def workable.

    AAH i'm so jealous :D why won't anyone buy me a F21 gift card? /pout.


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