040. | You and me and the devil makes three.



01. Dreamt last night that someone representing the university I was accepted into came to my house to talk to me, then proceeded to chase me around my house with various knives. They stabbed me repeatedly, ripped open my stomach with their bare hands, and ate my intestines. Scary-ass dream in which I could "feel" everything. (This is the last time I drink an Ice Cap before bed!)
02. Woke up over 45 mins late. Ugh.
03. My hair absolutely, totally, completely REFUSED to part, for some unknown reason. I fought with my comb for over 20 mins.
04. Then, tried to put mousse into my still-damp hair. The trigger got stuck and I ended up with a head disguised as a massive dollop of whipped cream. Didn't have time to shower (again), so massaged it in as best I could.
05. Hairspray can decided to leak all over my hand. I kid you not. (I don't care how amazing this spray is, I am suing Dove for getting my favorite shirt all sticky, along with my head of already disgustingly-greasy hair.)
06. Froze my ass off on the way to school in my car whose heating system decided to PMS.
06.5. (I actually HAVE PMS.)
07. On the way to school in said car, I almost hit a bunny. A cute, adorable, white bunny. (I'm fairly sure that if I had actually struck this thing, my mind would have exploded.)
08. Late for class, and almost couldn't get into my parking stall because the two douchebags who park on either side of me decided to angle park...at like 160 degrees. In their massive trucks.
09. After school, I had to work. Tuesdays are days where I teach swimming lessons at work, and the kids in these classes are almost all a) demons b) bad listeners and c) stupid as a stump. Plus, the water is cold and the kids sneeze all over/kick you.
010. Discovered that I actually have no idea how to do half the things on my physics test tomorrow. Gave up studying because I realized that math will always > me.
011. My parents informed me that we actually can't go up to the city to pick up my grad dress, which FINALLY came in, this Saturday because they have tickets to some stupid slapstick comedian. (This is AFTER I bent over backwards to get this day off work and my escort booked the day off so he could come up too and pick out a tie, shirt, etc.) FML.
012. I feel sick.


I tried to forget about my sadness by eating ice cream and watching Patrick Chan skate. However, his performance today in the short program kinda sucked and he probably won't get a medal tomorrow. Oh well. I guess it's one of those days for everyone...

At least he's cute (even if his one eye kinda creeps me out). <3

I really heart Asian boys. ^^ And male figure skaters whose names AREN'T Johnny Weir(d).

No. Just...no. (Although, I guess I can appreciate the fact that he's a Lady Gaga fan?)

Oh, and just because I happened to watch Zombieland the other day:

(Hey, might as well prepare, right? It'll be difficult to try to suddenly fit in once everyone's already started eating brains and dressing from the landfill.)

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pirate, Zombie blue t-shirt from fashionablygeek.com, $20 CAD
White zombie pencil jeans by J Brand, $205 CAD
"The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks, price unknown
Zombie high heels from fearnet.com, price unknown
"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" Deluxe Heirloom Edition, $26 CAD
Green "zombie chick" tattoo iPhone case by Coveroo, price unknown
Bacardi Zombie beverage, price unknown
Zombie Michael Jackson "This is It" t-shirt from buyzombie.com, price unknown

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