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"Dust It" mattifying powder by Osis (Schwarzkopf)

Basically, I have the finest hair in the history of mankind. I mean, really. (It's texture and consistency have been compared to the likes of almost-invisible knuckle hair, oxygen, and a wet, anemic dog.) It legit is the worst ever. I have tried EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE mousse, gel, hairspray, powder, cream, wax, shampoo, conditioner, and paste you can imagine. Nothing has worked - my hair goes flat in under an hour no matter how much I backcomb, hairdry, straighten, and gunk-ify it.

Then, I went to the hairdresser's yesterday for my monthly trim. She has hair just like mine and we spent a lot of time bitching about it (because even SHE couldn't get the backcombing to stay very well). Then she put some of this powder, which must have been created and shipped to her by JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, into my hair, and voila! - insta sex-kitten, bed-head, Amy-Winehouse-would-be-proud volume.

Seriously, this product must be made of magic. All she did was lift up small sections of my hair (after blow-drying and straightening it for -attempted- volume) and sprinkle a tiny amount of this powder onto my roots. She massaged it into my hair and finger-combed it into place, backcombing a bit on the top layer.

I of course bought some after my appointment was over. Only $22 CAD, and the Osis Grip Mousse isn't too shabby either (I got mine for only $6 since I bought Dust It - I don't know how much it costs by itself). Hair styled by professionals always turns out better than when you do it yourself, but I was pretty much able to replicate the look she had given me yesterday with these products on my own this morning. You could imagine my excitement - no more lifeless hair!

I strongly urge you to go out and buy Dust It RIGHTTHEFUCKNOW if you share my woes of stringy, hopeless hair. It will likely be the closest to a religious revelation you will ever experience.


  1. I have the opposite problem - I'm always getting my thick hair thinned, but i still always have more than enough volume! Will tell my mum about this product though, we have opposite hair and hers is mega fine :)

  2. The way you write makes me happy, for your infortmation. "Anemic dog". AAHAHAHA.


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