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Your creations of unexpected beauty and style will be forever missed. You were a visionary, a leader, and an extraordinary human being. We will all miss you. Rest in peace.

from the READY-TO-WEAR 2010 collection

from the RESORT 2010 collection


Eagle cashmere blend sweater, $1,590 CAD
Silver multi-metal ring, $270 CAD
Yellow leather pumps, $725 CAD
Caribbean skull-print scarf, $730 CAD
Black plastic frames, $315 CAD
Black trousers, $345 CAD
Silver studded pumps, $780 CAD
Navy luggage bag, $700 CAD
Reptile-print silk dress, $4,365 CAD
Paint-splash denim blazer, $1,445 CAD
Paint-splash denim jeans, $930 CAD
all by Alexander McQueen


Le sigh. On to happier things.
While reading Death of a Salesman in English today, our batshit teacher started going on about Victorian hair art (which stemmed from our original conversation about a diamond watch fob; go figure). Turns out this stuff is pretty ornate.

"Jewelry made with hair is dated back to at least the 1600's, when hair bracelets were given as love tokens by both men and women."

"Hair was valued for sentimental reasons at a time when there were no photographs."

"Today there are only a few Hair Artists who are making this type of jewelry. There are no schools where one can go for instructions, so this art is self taught. An enormous amount of time is spent learning the different techniques. Hair Art like any other art is a constantly evolving process."

Although the idea is really unique, I personally don't think I could wear someone else's hair on my wrist or ears or shirt... gives me the creeps. What about you?


ps. Friends' 18th this Saturday. Drunken pictures will surely follow. :D


  1. what a tradgedy about mcqueen.


    sincerely the fashionista from thesilentswagger.blogspot.com

  2. ):

    also, i think the hair thing is pretty romantic. if a guy used his own hair to create something for me, i would srsly cry/fall in love with him.


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