07. | When it all comes down to a sunrise on the east side, will you be there to carry me home?

I rant almost constantly about my job (lifeguarding standing in one spot for hours on end, occasionally attempting to control screaming children and old couples having sex in the sauna) to anyone who will listen.
Thankfully, my dear friend J has discovered a way to turn my frowns upside down. :)

4:21pm Kiki
Bah. I don't wanna work at 6. I'm so effin sick of it. Like you don't even know.
4:21pm J
Lol Yah, I wanna just quit so bad, but then..I have no money...
Omgg. pro's and con's
4:23pm Kiki
I know, right? Even though the cons are sooo much higher you can't really quit cuz then you're broke. But at the same time its like AHG I HATE THIS.
Ah. I just hate yelling at stupid patrons to watch their children every day.
4:25pm J
I bet if you spoke with a different accent each day, it'd be way more interesting.
British: Could you please keep an eye on your children ma'am.
Gangsta: Yo! You betta be checkin up on yo kids foo'.
Those are the only 2 accents i can think of that would be amusing right now
even though gangsta isn't really an accent.
4:28pm Kiki
Hahah XD. I love it.
Or, Australian: G'day, mate. Please watch the little ones.
4:28pm J
Yess haha
4:29pm Kiki
Oh man. That would make my job WAY more fun.
4:29pm J
Same here! haha
4:29pm Kiki
Haha. I'd probably get fired, but the day that it lasted would be awesome.


  1. Hey Kiki, found you in the coffee shop. Your blog looks amazing to say it's only just been set up. The music is a little irritating but that might just be my age! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Great start.
    I blog about my disastrous dates/sexual embarrassments/pursuit of my hairdresser - check it out: http://plentymorefishoutofwater.blogspot.com/

  2. Nice picture on your headder, one of my faves ;)



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