06. | It's not me; buried wreckage, my soul. It's not me, so who am I now?

I have been trying to come to grips with my feelings for Lady Gaga for quite some time now. 1)Do her outfits make me want to overdose on LSD so that the color and pattern combinations seem reasonable? 2)Does she remind me too much of a coked-up Christina Aguilera to actually be able to look at her without the lyrics to "Dirrty" popping into my head? And, most importantly, 3)Do I admire her ability to make even Adam Lambert look like the best-dressed celebrity in America?

The answer to all of the above questions is, undoubtedly, "yes". But I have to admit - I have gone 'gaga' for Gaga.


  1. Gaga's dressing is, err, unique...

    Okay, it's just plain weird but WHAT EVEER!!!

    I LOOOVE her songs ♥ She's awesome!

  2. Oh boy, Lady Gaga..
    I can't even tell you where to begin..

  3. love the selection of photos you've posted! COOL!


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