08. | We are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring us down.

Thought I'd share a bit of writing with you all. ^^ I scrawl things down when I'm bored/inspired/procrastinating/have nothing better to do, and sometimes it turns out alright. Thoughts?


"Bare Bones"

In the wasteland of America, society trembles.
Cold-hearted leaders are blanketed in holy books
while citizens

Garbage from mouths unholy litters the atmosphere,
ideologies lost to much stronger speech.
In the state of oppression, aggression wins every time,
with massive hands, and heads
on the pavement.

With religion used as framework,
organs of obsolete ideals are concealed
by the slithering skin of politicians,
building a private prison of cells containing the masses.
Minorites of blood cells
are destroyed by Disease a la He and She,
and protests are exhaled by the judicial servants,
perfumed by the smoke of foreign armageddon.

We are all walked upon by a higher power;
though not a gift of God,
it presents itself omnisciently,
infilitrating communication to the

We are left with the bare bones
of which philosophers bloomed and ideas grew.
Fruits of knowledge, soured on the tree,
taunt...we cannot reach
6 feet under.

Drained of fight,
busted wings twitch,
hoping for future flight.

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