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Hello, all! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, and that Santa was good to you. (And, of course, that you all got a chance to stuff yourselves full of delicious food, but didn't gain an ounce. ;D)

Unfortunately, I've been craay-ay-aayzy busy for the last couple of days, and it looks as though it will be more of the same coming up this week. So. Although I HAVE taken pictures of some of my sweet Boxing Day/Xmas goodies, they likely won't be uploaded for a bit yet. I'll try to get on tomorrow, but no promises.

Now then!

A little tidbit pour vous before I pack it in for the night (man, I need to catch up on sleep - I'm getting sick):

Watched the DVD copy of Julie & Julia that I bought my mom for Christmas. Excellent movie! Although I have to admit I had no idea who Julia Child was before this movie (kill me, please; my ignorance level regarding the cooking world is TERRIBLE), I thoroughly enjoyed the comedic performance by Meryl Streep (who I will never be able to look at again without laughing, ever since my -VERY- drunken friend J screamed at me, between rounds of tossing his cookies and hugging me sloppily, "I like Meryl Streep. She reminds me of bluebirds!" before promptly passing out).

It also got me thinking - what are the chances of my blog ever becoming noteworthy and famous? Hmm... maybe I should start cooking a bit more... ;)

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  1. Hi Kiki!
    thanks for your comments and for coming by my blog! I really appreciate it :) I have yet to see Julie&Julia but I hear good things! looking forward to seeing your boxing day/xmas stash! those posts are always fun. and your drunken friend is hilarious.

    a belated Merry Christmas to you and yours! xo


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