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Hello, all! :D

Time for the Christmas/Boxing Day loot pictures! Thank God I was able to squeeze in some blogging time today...for the next few days I will be busy studying, entertaining a friend who's coming to visit, getting drunk, playing hours upon hours of Rock Band, and doing laundry.

But, who cares, really. Here're the pictchaasz (and I apologize for their size; my connection is slow and refuses to upload anything larger):

From a fortune cookie at my favorite Chinese haunt. (Maybe I should lay off the shortbread? :/ )

My Christmastime nails. Took about 2 hrs, but well worth it. They're cute! :)

My fabu new violent-orange purse! Scored it at a Boxing Day sale for $9 CAD. Golly, I love 50% off! It's even shaped like a bow, perfect for the season.

From the same place, I scored this changepurse and wallet, for $4.50 and $14, respectively. (Unfortunately, the wallet is almost too big for the purse! T.T Bad planning on my part...)

Scored these on Boxing Day, too. $19 CAD. Adorable and warm as hell (made out of wool from New Zealand). Supposed to be owls, but I personally think they look more like deranged bunnies, with those weird ears and all.

A gift from my amazing (if a bit eccentric) Aunt. She said she saw them at a craft sale and "knew" I would love them. She's right! :D

* This one wasn't from Xmas, but wanted to share anyways = > My favorite t-shirt. ^^ The Used = <3 x 2739847329.923472 (approximately) I've seen them live twice, once while being in the mosh pit, and I can honestly say they're the best live performers I've ever seen. LAHVE.

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  1. OOH I love "what I got for Christmas" posts!
    cute orange purse, love the colour and omgomgomg I LOVE those owl mitts!!!

    Your aunt has good taste in earrings. I love the intricate pattern.

    I haven't heard The Used live, but I love their music. Awesome t-shirt!


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