013. | This season's got a new white devil.

Ah, Christmas Eve. Such a splendid day for the shenanigans of insane relatives, stuffing oneself full of chocolate and other sweet goodies, and watching the lamest possible TV specials until 2am.

Unfortunately, it must all come to an end tomorrow evening, and then I'll be back to my ridiculous study schedule. (Why, oh why do I have to be ambitious? Sometimes I think I'd be happier making minimum wage at the pool for the rest of my life, simply to avoid all the work - and money! Egads! - I'll be putting in to uni for the next 324 trillion years to become a forensic scientist. *sigh* It had all better be worth it in the end - I want my own Seeley Booth!).

Also - I'm severely lusting after handbags at the moment. I have too many, I know, but they're just so cute! And, well, handy! (Excuse the horrid pun - I'm v. overtired. T.T) Plus, my Chanel knock-off is coming apart, so I need a new designer one to replace it, right? Right. >:D

(clockwise from top left)
New Q Printed Wallet, $381 CAD
Mount Satin Bag, $1,492 CAD
Judith Leiber Peacock clutch, $5,557 CAD
Christian Louboutin ‘Sweet Charity’ Spring/Summer 2010 Bag, price unknown
Donna Karan Jewelry Chandelier leather pouch bag, $3,038 CAD
Chanel handbag, price unknown (this one looks almost exactly like mine!)
Purple 'Viper' frill clutch bag, $65 CAD
Jimmy Choo Conti snakeskin shoulder bag, $2,199 CAD < = (LUSTLUSTLUST, WANT!)


Since I probably won't be posting til Boxing Day (or maybe even the day after), I wish you all an early Merry Christmas! xo


  1. Hi! I like your blog! And I love that red chanel bag, I would love a beige of light pink one like that! :)


  2. great bags and man! hahah

  3. ohmygoshh eat my heart out, hes gorgeous. and ohh that donna bag. ive been obsessed with it; fabulous picks!
    gorgeous blogg!


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