012. | Things are shaping up to be pretty odd...

A smattering of a blog pour vous:

01.) Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and my assorted relatives will once again be invading my house. Not that I don't love my family, but they don't exactly get along... Among those special few coming tomorrow are my redneck, cattle-ranching uncle, his homophobic, gunsmith son, and my cynical, divorced, university professor aunt. *sigh*

02.) Today was a pretty good day, all in all. Decided to allow myself to sleep in (rather than study, which is what I really SHOULD be doing), then went over to a friend's place for a TV day. She'd never seen One Hour Photo, so we decided to watch it, along with some Big Bang Theory episodes from season one (I'm such a geek - I have both seasons on DVD ^^').

Egads, Robin Williams is TERRIFYING in this movie! Makes me glad I've gone digital and don't have to go to drugstores to get film developed any more... O.O' I really have to commend him for his performance, though. He's a really excellent actor. (I wonder how many boxes of hair dye they had to use to get his hair to be blonde for this film?) - Anyways. WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Ah, you guys... all so cute (and horribly socially-awkward) in your own special ways. Plus, I pretty much own all of the same colored skinnies as Howard. We must be soulmates! <3

03.) I Wish We Were Older is a pretty bitchin' song, and I honestly don't know why I don't listen to Metro Station's entire album more often... (Plus, Trace is smokin'!)

Mmm, yeah.
"I'm on your bed, but your clothes
are laying right there." ;)
- He makes me wanna get tattoos!

04.) Donnie Brasco was a really excellent film. :D Johnny Depp can make ANYTHING (including being a failure of a hunsband and father) look sexy. Mmm...

< = Cheekbones to DIE for! :O

05.) Just found kiddie pics of Lady Gaga on Perezhilton.com. So cute! (But hard to believe it's the same person. O.O)

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  1. I love the show Gossip Girl!!! I always scream when it comes on, every Monday, haha, and sit and think about everything that happened in the episode afterwards. I'm such a fangirl. :D but it's so... full of gooey drama. I can't help it.

    The books are so boring, in my opinion. It's the same plot stretched out for several books! at least with the show, it's all different and interesting.

    Little lady gaga looks so cute! but completely different, I agree (:


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