Hit me baby, one more time!

Wow, am I ever glad denim is becoming a "trend" again. (Not that it's ever totally unpopular, because everyone wears jeans, but we'll put it this way - I'm glad I can wear my denim jacket again without getting (verbally) beaten up by some Prada-wearing chump.) I'm especially excited with all the new innovative ways to wear denim this season. Just please don't pull a K-Fed/Britney (you all remember that picture, right? Matching denim-on-denim! *shudders*). 

Thankfully, some celebs know how to do it right.

All three of these ladies know how to make a statement with just one gorgeous piece. I also like how their looks are all undone, casual, rock-chic. That's what denim this season should be about!

Then there are the not-so-fortunate fashion-challeneged girls...

Let's clear this up: denim-on-denim is NEVER acceptable, ever. Got it, Jessica? It makes you look like an 80's love-child slob and is embarrassing for both yourself and your little girl. And, apparently, Hayden doesn't have a clue how to dress to suit her body type, because both her jeans and her shirt are incredibly unflattering and hit all the wrong places. Use your denim for good, not evil!

I have to admit I have a serious case of denim-lust right now. I yearn for a happier time, filled with terrible 90s catch-phrases, the last of the leg-warmers, and greasy, gelled hair. ..... Too bad I'll soon be a starving college kid, living in dismal 2010. :'( You guys will have to buy all these fabu pieces and wear them, just for me, mmmmkay?


Cropped jacket - $57 CAD - republic.co.uk
Tan denim biker trousers - $815 CAD - Ankle
Long 70s denim shirt - $58 CAD - topshop.com
Floral denim bandeau dress - $95 CAD - topshop.com
Set of barrettes - $6.34 CAD - tillys.com
Bikini - $98 CAD - bunnyhug.co.uk
Scarf - $575 CAD - liberty.co.uk
Embellished military jacket - $210 CAD - theoutnet.com
Denim pleat leather booties - $195 CAD - asos.com
Fade-wash skinny jeans - price unknown - nordstrom.com
Dark-wash "American Flag" skinny jeans - $550 CAD - luisaviaroma.com
Denim bra - $47 CAD - topshop.com
Embellished clutch - $295 CAD - endless.com
Denim vest - $16 CAD - oasis-stores.com
Worn-out shorts - $42 CAD - American Eagle

Sigh. So many different options, so little money (and closet space). 

What about you guys? Are you excited to break-out the denim again? What pieces do you want for your collection?

ps. I definitely sang 90s pop last night at the bar. It was karaoke night and, sadly, I was stone-cold sober. ARENTCHUJELZ??!!!?!?!


xoxo, madlove. 


  1. Oh i cannot wait. This blog is basically what was running through my mind as i 'tried' to fall asleep last night :D

    Hahaha, okay okay, jay kay. But to be serious now; I love your blog, the posts, the random subjects, the humor, and so forth. It's entirely unique. Despite even the fact that you're such a girl sometimes (don't worry, i adore it). Thumbs up, I (a guy) even stayed completely interested throughout it XD <---- (tried to do the X face, but it clearly works horribly on blogger). Dare i say, you even inspired me to touch up on my fashion? Or for better words, 'try' to touch up on my fashion, because I just may end up looking like poor Hayden.

  2. Oh lala. This is such a super duper post and I have to say that I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT. (I think I forgot to comment my adoration last time.) (Fun fact: when I was four, I desperately wanted to be an astronaut.) (Fun Fact: I want to meet an alien.) (Yes, this all relates to my adoration towards your layout due to the fact that it has a space background OF COURSE.)

    And go denim! Although I seem to only wear denim shorts these days...



    god i love that double denim is back though. it makes wearing denim jackets/shirts SO MUCH EASIER. as long as you wear them with brown/tan accessories, you look like you have an insider's knowledge on the 70s trend rather than that you're just having a bad wardrobe day.

    btw no worries, cartilage piercings can take up to two YEARS to heal so i may as well start fiddling about with the piercing now and get any infection over and done with :') of course i'm joking.

    x x x

  4. i think vanessa hudgens style is rad

    and i am completely in love with that jean two piece!!!!!!!

  5. waaah! I love denim on denim!!! i haven't tried it yet but i think i will do d-on-d at least ONCE. sometimes, when done right, it looks GOOD. SOMETIMES.

    OH hey sorry for not you know.. emailing you about the collab =___= i'm being such a procrastinator SORRY D: it's just that there's so much to do before school starts, and hey some ppl want me to go to summer camp which is not really summer camp anymore since it's like sept 1-3... -.-;; but yeah there's lots to do! and i feel bad for not emailing you...

    sigh. maybe we should hold off the colab until maybe like... i dunno, when things cool off a bit?

    are you busy at all? moving into college and stuffs lol. are you staying in dorms? or living at home? gosh i don't even know if i can afford dorms LOL. but if i stay home for the entire 4 years, i don't think i'll survive...

    OH hey and add me on facebook :P OH and check out some of my new stuffs. jeez i feel like a salesmen. i hate salesmen. = = my dad is a salesmen. gosh lol

    kay.. that's all i wanted to say <3

  6. I'm soooooo happy denim is back!

    Thanks for writing/posting about it!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  7. oh god it's all very well me going I'M GONNA SPEND IT ON SHOES HNNG but then my mum's like, mmhmm which shoes? and i'm like ...
    i have got my eye on THESE beauties though,


    so you never know :') i quite fancy finding myself some skinny chinos too but unless i find them my dream will never come true :'''(

    x x x

  8. ah-greed
    denim + denim is never good
    great post, i enjoy reading it!

    Castor Pollux

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  10. sweet blog, still loving the denim looks
    Come Follow and Vote for me xxo


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