Inside of me, some sight to see.

THANK GOD FOR THE SMART TECHIE FRIEND OF MY FATHER. Otherwise, I wouldn't be (finally) posting something right now, and would instead be forced to - gasp! - INTERACT WITH MY FAMILY. Yuuccckk. Who wants that?

Sososo! You all glad I'm back? SURE YOU ARE! (And even if you aren't, I'm totally gonna pretend you're obsessed with me and were fussing and worrying when I went MIA for a month or whatever. So don't tell me otherwise! =) ) I'm glad to be back, too. Hoolyyy I have a lot of new posts to read. Damn you bloggers and your frequent updates! (Jk. But only sort of.)

Hmm. Let's see. What's happened since I last blogged?...

- do not, under any circumstances, drink 22 drinks in 4 hours on your 18th birthday. I don't care if you're obese, a body builder, or an alcoholic. You will have an awesome night, then vomit to end off the night, then still be drunk in the morning but with a hangover to crown all hangovers. SO NOT PLEASANT. (I did meet tons of cute boys, though. Hmm...that part was worth it...)
- if a friend is constantly busy hanging out with screwing her needy boyfriend, don't expect her to actually make any plans she keeps with you (although those "plans" are few and far between with minimal detail discussed). In extreme cases, prepare to say "sayanara" to your friendship (which is what I had to do) after they blow you off upwards of 5 times in a row. If friend begs for forgiveness, give them a second chance, but never a third. Or fourth. Or whatever it is they think they deserve (but totally don't).
- never EVER give out your last name at a bar, not matter how drunk you are. Or your real first name, for that matter. You'll end up with creepy guys Facebook-stalking you or trying to follow you into the girls' bathroom to make plans, even after you've said "I'm busy" for every suggested day into next month. If Mr. Creeper still persists, it's best to either a) get other guy friends involved so he'll back off or b) tell him you're a lesbian (although, depending on how plastered he is, that might actually entice him to chance you more, so weigh this one carefully).
- moving SUCKS, especially when it's from home to university. Even more so when you still haven't gone shopping for furniture and you move in in just over 2 weeks. Just wing it?
- while clothes made in Bangladesh may look cute and cost little more than pennies, any buttons on the items of clothing WILL fall off, and the seaming will start to unravel upon it's first wear out of the store. (God damn you and your stylish clothes, H&M!)
- GET 8 HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT IN THE SUMMER. Otherwise your sleep schedule is totally fucked - and so are you - if you have to do anything of importance that requires concentration and some degree of intelligence/hand-eye co-ordination.

So umm, my life to date since my last post sounds pretty pathetic and sad when summed up into 6 bullets of warning. I swear, it hasn't been. Plus, I finally beat my lung infection/allergy/disease/whatever-the-hell-I-had-that-the-doctors-couldn't-figure-out-and-ultimately-made-worse! :D (Oh, and I got my nose pierced!)

What have you all been up to?

ps. Random pictures are always nice.


xoxo, madlove. 



    Took you long enuff lol.

    WOAAAH You have been up to a LOT, I see hehe. Or you know, drinking a LOT.

    Jeez I thought you had more sense than to give creepy guys your name at bars! Even when you're drunk!

    Tsk tsk hahaha :P

    Awwe I'm sorry that your friend has been.. well a bad friend lately. You are doing the right thing. If she's neglecting you, then you shouldn't stick around to wait for her.

    I get 8 hours a sleep per night and my sleep schedule is STILL fucked up. And my mother despises me sleeping at 3 am in the morning for some reason. We have shouting matches over it ):

    Anyway, glad you're back, girl. (;

  2. Woah I can't sleep. And my mom's not running around at night tonight so I can safely log onto my laptop.

    I'm a rebel.

    I've just read your comment and awwe you rock kay.
    I think it was "cool" to be emo in early gr 8 - 9. Almost all the girls in my class wanted to look "scene" and listened to Cobra Starship and My Chemical Romance or something. Okay, not all of them. Like 85% of em.

    Blond boys can be cute (; Hehehe.

    Unfortch the prices are pretty high cuz I think there's like one girl who sews everything by herself? I'm not sure but it seems like it cuz I emailed her about the leggings and she told me she needed to go to sleep and was gonna measure the leggings in the morning. So I think it's JUST her running the online store. And it's indie. So. Yeah. Haha.

    But if you wanted a cute, retro party dress, you can find some for under 40 bucks. But shipping is 7 bucks and there's HST. STUPID HST OKAY.

    We should write a story!!!! Omg. yeah. Or maybe do a combined blog? Guest blog on each others blog!!! That would be cool too ;D

    Thanks for the virtual hug. I'm virtually hugging back.


    oh man that friendship thing one really hit a nerve. i've got a friend who's a DICK. but i love her. what can you do, though, ey?
    i'm back from france! i skipped on the escargots but i did eat some delicious pastries like you said i should, so there you go :) i even bought a stripy t-shirt and walked around carrying a baguette, twiddling my moustache and saying "HOH HOH HOH".
    x x x


    How did you make that banner?!! SO AWESUM




  5. Okay now I'm srsly in for it. It's already 3 am crap

    I srsly need to sleep

    Anyway I'm responding to all the comments right now, so I just read yours!

    Okay SOME blonde boys can be sexy. I like that... super bleached blonde boy hair look esp when the blonde boy is wearing leather, and looking like a rocker, and is maybe holding a cigarette in hand?

    Oh hey yeah why did we like FOB so much? Like we barely hear them anymore anyway. You're right, only reason was: PETE WENTZ. who's married now. to Ashlee Simpson. ew. ):

    AND HEY i'm cheaper than you! I've been working tons so I'm a bit more careless with my money than usual. And hey I just spent 44 bucks on 2 pairs of leggings! D: But they're cute leggings!

    Dude thanks so much!!! It really means a lot to me to hear that. in elem school and the beginning of high school I was made fun of because of the stuff I wore. It was hard to keep up with the trends so I didn't. It's like now, I realize that I don't need to lol. We can create our own style.

    Kyki you need to post more outfits! Srsly, it helps to grow your own personal style! And from the past outfit/clothing posts, I think you have great style :D

    I'm a little scared that I won't post as much either when school starts ): Let's make a pact to post at least once a week when school starts? I know you'll be in uni which is much worse than senior year, so I send you my good wishes that your blog keeps thriving!

    I'll send you an email in the morning. I'm deadbeat right now. But can't sleep either. sucks.






  6. not to sound weirrd but finding your blog actually made my day. you're hilarious.

  7. i am declaring myself a fan of lunacyfringe

  8. hahaha 22 drinks? that might send you to the hospital girl !

    xx lue

  9. HEY GURL HEY! (that's my form of a welcome back message. Because I'm too, you know, indie and what not to simply say "welcome back." AW YEAH.)

    Sounds likes you've been a CRAZY GURL. tsk tsk. Happy birthday! Happy 22 drinks! Oh you know, for the nights you can't remember... Or however that saying goes.


    seriously i'm gonna go back and change it now :) and hey, i take insanity as a compliment (online at least. in the real world it's less a compliment more, you know, an awkward thing)
    an A* is like an A+ i guess? it's one up from an A. it's the holy grail. i got 5 holy grails! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! i was so proud of myself that i went and got a hole punched through my ear, clever girl i am.
    if you actually blog about denim vests and jackets it will MAKE. MY. DAY.
    x x x

  11. I LOVE H&M, even if some of the clothes do fall apart. I think H&M stuff is usually better than clothes from Urban Outfitters-- that shit is always ruined after two wears.

    What does that guy's shirt say, the Take-out one. "Let them eat..."

    Cool blog, I stumbled upon you today!

  12. ur so right, who on earth wants to interact with their family. eek? (tip toes slowly out the room)

    haha great post, love that guy's trousers!


  13. I love your blog, it really makes me smile (:
    new follower!


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