060.| Grandma's cookin' breakfast, she makes pancakes the best. I check my Myspace and I got a lotta friend requests, YES!

I cannot even begin to describe how terribly sorry I am for falling off the face of the planet for the last month or so. Grade 12 is legit terrible, and I'm pretty sure that when I end up in hell there will be a trigonometry textbook waiting to greet me.

REGARDLESS! (Enough of my emo-ness.)

I have a few things to address. :)

a) Thanks so much to Mimi of -♥Soy Confessions for the kick-ass award! I feel very honored to be called an "inspiration" (again I feel the need to apologize for being le worste blogger evaah lately. ^^') Mimi, you're rad & also a great inspiration to me. ♥

I give this piece of sunshine to 5 beautiful bloggers♥:
- Victoire of Ellevictoire
- Willow and Daria of Pigtails & Blushing Cheeks
- Joezehh of she craves mascara

1) Why do you blog? For you, or for others? I blog for myself and for others. Mostly it's a chance for me to share things that I would otherwise keep shut up inside myself. Yay for the (relative) anonymity of the internet! >:D It's also a great way to connect with people around the world and share culture, ideas, and general media.
2) Do you like telling a story with words or pictures? Words, words, words. I love to write.
3) What is the meaning of life? Oh my lanta, I think about this all the time. Lately, I've come to the conclusion that I think life means something different for each person, and that not knowing is the fun of it. :)
4) Cheese + Banana = ? Chanana? That would be tasty. GENETIC MODIFICATION FTW.
5) Halloweenies. Discuss this word. That makes me think of little cocktail wieners dressed up as pirates and ninjas. Hi-yah!

b) Justin Bieber makes me vomit. I'm sorry. I honestly have given him a chance and listened to his music, but I can't get over how freakishly young he looks and the fact that he sounds like an auto-tuned chipmunk. (I'm personally more interested to see what happens when his balls drop than I am about what he looks for in a girl. And that video of him walking into a glass door? HILARIOUS. ♥)

I also think it's creepy that people in their twenties are going crazy for this kid. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THINK OF A CHILD AS SEXY.

c) I have recently become totally obsessed with stupid-hop. (Y'know, like hip-hop, but LMFAO/3OH!3/The Lonely Island-style.) I don't know what this says about me... :/ Honestly, though, the lyrics to YES make me pee my pants every goddamn time.

d) I am going to turn into Hayley Williams over the summer (minus the incredible voice, name, money, skinnies, and fame. Tee hee.). My hair will become that crazy shade of red-that's-maybe-orange-but-you-don't-want-to-comment-on-it-for-fear-of-sounding-stupid-slash-colorblind.

However, it'll be this length:

...Or something.

e) ...What do you do when your gay guy friend hits on you? :/

f)I might actually miss high school next year. Sigh. I wanted it to be over, and, now that it almost is, I'm regretting not taking the time to appreciate it more. Sigh. I'll miss the random lunch hours in the English room, the insanity (but fun) of band class, and all my grade 11 friends. :'(


Comment, leave love/displeasure, and give me something to discuss. :) ♥


  1. What a fun post!

    Just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!



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