059. | Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world.

Apologies for the extended (and unexplained) absence. School + work + homework + extra-curriculars + drama + social life = stressed-out and constantly-busy blogger.

And now, to make everything just even better, I caught a horrible flu. Yaaaay.

Lately, as the weather has gotten warmer and I've slowly begun to pack away my hoodies and boots for the season, I've been dreaming of days spent swimming, skateboarding, and slurping on slushies (woah, alliteration time!). Also, I'm planning on chopping all my hair off after grad in June. It's nearly shoulder-length now, with way-too-long bangs, and I can't stand it! I think I'll go back to my previous pixie cut.

These pictures not only make me dream of warm July afternoons under a big oak tree, but of a carefree vacation full of scrapes, bruises, and road trips. It's not fun without blood, sweat, and tears, right? Besides, (tom)boys always have more fun. :)

What are YOUR summer dreams?

unknown, Rainy day kids on deviantART, The Sartorialist, Marie Claire


  1. welcomes back, my love!

    feel better soon. i had the flue like twice in the past 3 months. NOT FUN ): drink lots of honey tea, cuz your throat must be srsly swollen. rest lots. don't stress out!

    i love these pics. agy is the best (: the last pic is so adorable! instant inspiration!

    i dream of lying around on the beach, not caring bout anything in the world, and maybe holding a certain someone's hand.

  2. ohh i hope you feel better dolll.
    these are such beautiful people.
    glad youre back! <3

  3. Rebel girls are the best girls.
    Feel better soon. ♥

  4. i love the photo of agyness, so cool...and the sartorialist one! hope you feel better :)


    I love the Agyness shot. I don't know why, but she's just SO INTRIGUING to me.

    Is that weird? :/


  6. My summer dreams = wedges, Victoria's Secret swimsuits and fedoras... oh yah, and on the beach.

  7. hey kyki! when you get back, check out the award I gave you on my blog :D i know you're super busy and whatnot, but i just want to say:
    You inspire me!

  8. Ohmygoodness that navy coat is delicious. i have been trawling every thrift shop in the neighbourhood for something like it (ever since i saw one similar in The Boat That Rocked) but as of yet, no luck. lovely post!


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