053. | Come all the way down and watch me burn.

This has basically been my life, summed up in clothing, for the last week:

Sweater from U of A campus
PJ pants by Gotham Girls


Ironically, I've been surviving on dangerously-low amounts of sleep lately. It's just that these PJ pants are so damn comfy!

Got the hoodie over the weekend at a Welcome Weekend at the university I'm attending in the fall. (You can't tell from these photos, but it's black and purple, so basically my favorite color combination ever. Nbd. Also fleecy and warm. ^^') It was SUPER SUPER fun! I met tons of awesome people (and extremely attractive boys!), got to pick out my room, signed up for classes, and partied it up - college style. (Lemme tell you, high school parties suck in comparison!) So super psyched to go there in September!

Oh, and p.s. Homework is slowly consuming my soul. Rescue mission would be much appreciated!


  1. uni is ace, wouldn't go back to high school for anything. are those little bats i spy? cooooollll :D

  2. haha i love my comfy pants too :) if i could, i'd wear them everywhere. they'd get dirty though... :P


  3. God you lucky beech. Uni already! I'm jealusting. (jealusting = jealous + lusting :D just made it up. how cool am i?) I can't wait for uni.

    Your life is gonna rock. On your own, partying, meeting new peeps. gaaah :D

    Thanks for entering into my giveaway! Good luck!~


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