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I am. OBSESSED. with GLEE.

I totally, openly admit that I'm a full-blown Gleek. I admit that seeing an ad on TV for the new April season makes me pee my pants (just a little). I admit that I re-watch season one on DVD obsessively, looking for little tidbits and lines that I may have missed before. I admit that I have memorized the "Glee-version" of all the songs that they sing, and know many of them better than the actual songs they're based on. I admit that I have memorized the "Single Ladies" dance on the football field and sometimes spontaneously burst into the routine.

I also admit that Kurt is the cutest, most well-dressed gay boy that I've ever seen, and that I wish he was my best friend (sorry, J, but you're still my favorite REAL gay guy). :D


Studded blazer by Givenchy, $1,480 CAD
Blue flannel button-down by Chloe Sevigny for O.C., $305 CAD
Black waistcoat by All Saints, $95 CAD
White bowtie from amazon.com, $5.29 CAD
Grey biker waistcoat by Rick Owens, $1,680 CAD
Black messenger bag by Bally, $880 CAD
Gold oxford shoes by Forever 21, $26 CAD
Vintage bowler hat by Dunn and Co., price unknown
Gold and silver oxford shoes by H&M, price unknown
Plaid button-down shirt by A.P.C., $150 CAD
Red bow-tie, source and price unknown
White trench coat by K Karl Lagerfeld, $415 CAD
Linen tie vest by Sonia Rykiel, $915 CAD
Black super-skinny jeans by Ksubi, $170 CAD
Black and tan oxford booties by Jeffrey Campbell, $130 CAD


    "Well call the Vatican, we've got another immaculate conception." That line has made me laugh every single time I've watched that episode, which is like ten, so...

  2. I'm a gleek too! haha!!
    You have no idea how ecstatic I am about the new season to start soon, this long hiatus is seriously putting a damper on my winter season!



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