029. | A pen and a piece of mind.

Since I've had to take an obscene amount of time off work in order to study for (and, hopefully, not fail) my diploma exams, the result is my wallet = ;(

Therefore, I give you Kiki's List of Outrageous Items That She Won't Be Able to Afford Without Selling Her Soul (or begging to her father on hands and knees). :) Oh, if only...

Rubilite stone ring by Delfina Delettrez, $2,010 CAD
Studded leather jacket by Temperley London, $2,265 CAD
Square-frame acetate sunglasses by Marc Jacobs, $280 CAD
Circle tank from vivre.com, $185 CAD
Fringe earrings by Iosselliani, $305 CAD
Layered chain necklace by Maria Zureta, $445 CAD
Fringe shoulder bag from Blush B-lush, $980 CAD
Printed leggings by Belle Sauvage, price unknown
Stud ring by Stephen Webster, $535 CAD
Brass hand bracelet by Delfina Delettrez, $2,865 CAD
Studded flat brogues by Christian Louboutin, $1,070 CAD
Angled sunglasses by Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow, price unknown


  1. i soo want those marc jacob and a.wang frames!

  2. I love this collage! Is it done using polyvore? I am really very much in love with the leggings!
    Tomorrow x


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