024. | Saturday: when these open doors were open-ended.

Wrote the first half of my Social 30-1 diploma exam this morning. I love writing essays, but I'm tellin' ya - 3 hours of government and politics = SUCK. I'm fairly confident that I did well, though. :) .5 down, 2.5 more to go!

Aren't these shoes THE ABSOLUTE SEX? I found them whilst blog-creeping and have fallen head-over-heels (ha!). Too bad I don't have $1707.29 CAD to spare...

by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

Also, now that we're on the topic of gothic/punk/metal/80s-comeback/wtf?, here are some other similar items that I'd give up my soul to own:

by Lip Service, $76 US

by Alchemy of England, $42.50 US

by Iron Fist, £49.99

vintage, $34.00 US

by Jason Wu

by Vivienne Westwood, $780 CAD

by Yves Saint Laurent, $921 CAD

from oasis.com, $34 CAD

by Vintage 1, $168 CAD

by ModCloth, $46 CAD


I think I'll do a vintage Polyvore set one of these days... I guess I'm glad the 80s are (badly) making a comeback - maybe vintage will = cheaper (or at least more readily-available)? I'm game for everything except mullets and hair metal.

oh, and ps. Download music by Fifth Hour Hero. RIGHT NOW. :) <3 That is all.



  1. lovee all the shoes here!
    and yea i saw him haha i live in downtown toronto :)

  2. I love vintage period, it looks soo good

  3. great pics! i loveeeee the first shoe. so fierce!

    xx raez

  4. the cage boots and the jeans = amaze.



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