023. | I want your love, love love.

Sigh. I spent 7.5 hours doing chem 30 today. Will life ever NOT revolve around schoolwork?

01. Watched Mr. Fix It with my dearest KK today. Found it for $5 in the deal bin at Wal-Mart, and only bought it because David Boreanaz is fucking SEXY (regardless of the fact that he's 40 - I can still appreciate abs, can't I?). It was absolutely predictable and a total waste of disc, but hey - I got to see him shirtless.

I hope all forensic scientists get to work with one a' these. YUM. I will pursue this career option, if for no other reason than THAT.

02. Found out today that Jason Earles is in his thirties. THAT IS FUCKING TERRIFYING. He's an actor on Hannah Montana, for gods sake! He almost looks younger than ME!

He must have some serious botox goin' on, cuz that face is wrinkle-free!

03. Currently reading Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I loved the movie, but I'm finding the book to be a little...well, juvenile, for lack of a better word (and yes, I DO realize that it's written about teens, for teens). However, if you haven't watched the movie, I recommend that you do - it's pretty funny. It has it's good moments. And, really, Michael Cera is just too cute to pass up!

I'm VERY excited to see him in Youth in Revolt. It'll be interesting to see if he can pull off "edgy".

xx LOVE.



    where can i get a copy of nick&norah, i wonder... gonna go scavenge the library = =

    OH EFF JASON EARLES. why do you have to put his face underneath a pic of someone so hot? jkjk but srsly. he's so creepy. and not old-looking. he's stuck in his teens... in an annoying immature way. i hate everything he's ever acted in blergh. (i'm passionate about dissing actors i don't like. sorry :D)

  2. Jason Earles looks younger than me... jesus

    and i saw michael cera on the street by my house filming another movie.. i forget what its called lol
    hes adorable
    though he has kind of been the same person in any movie ive seen him in.. i would alsoo like to see if he can change it up :P



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