022. | I just wanna try you on.

(No, I really don't.)

While perusing CocoPerez's latest updates, I came across a new, tentatively-titled, "trend": shoe pants.

Seems like Converse is making a last-ditch attempt to bring in some more $$ after all the scene kids moved on to Vans. Personally, I think they're a neat idea (and even sort of practical), yet are totally and completely hideous (except for the wooly ones, which are kinda cute, in a 5-year-old sorta way).

What do you think?


  1. oh. dear. lord. seriously?

    ok the first ones look kinda cool, but that's it haha.

    thanks for your comment kiki! yes i wish i could wear these shoes everywhere, and i could because they're incredibly comfortable. but suede in vancouver just isn't going to happen with all the rain we get here.

    but i'll shut up because you're freezing your butt off in layers of clothes while.. yes, i'm here wearing shorts. i'll try to throw some warmer weather your way! xo

  2. oooooooooooh kill me.
    I am supremely not digging these.
    Except those woolies do look somewhat cozy. And then you think of the awkward plastic laces feeling running up your legs, and you hate them again.

  3. Call me whatever, but I am NOT wearing that! They look so uncomfortable. Found you on the coffee shop, stop by my blog too.

  4. COOL!

    but i won't wear it. it's more of a novelty thing, i guess, like nerd glasses even if you don't need them. but worse. maybe like nipple rings.



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