018. | When you take off all your clothes, and you strike that Playboy pose.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all partied it up last night and got sufficiently drunk to enjoy the evening. :D Due to the lack of sleep because of friends mentioned in my previous post, I packed it in for the night around 1am (although I was practically falling asleep while standing at about 11pm). Instead of getting trashed (because, quite honestly, I think my body would have basically been like, "Fuck you", and I would've died or something), I invited my ftffe KK over for a Harry Potter movie night.

(Yes, we're lame. But we DID get to see Daniel Radcliffe shirtless in a bath tub. ;) )

Anyway. Turns out my family is leaving for a shopping trip in the city this afternoon, so I won't be able to post my Best n Worst of '09 for a little while longer. *tear*

However, I still have time to do - My 10 New Years' Resolutions for 2010 (that I will probably give up on/forget about after a month):

01. Drink lots of water + green tea, and less diet soda.
02. (Actually, I just won't drink diet soda any more.)
03. Figure out an exercise regimen that I will actually be able to keep up with, and trim off a few pounds from my middle.
04. Live my life without wondering "what if".
05. Enjoy my last year as a teenager in high school and party it right the fuck up!
06. Obtain the highest possible average in school - by studying my ass off. *shudder*
07. Make an effort to be nicer to people at work, regardless of the fact that I loathe %90 of them and hate my job at the moment.
09. Spend less time on the internet (which makes me sad, but I honestly need to do something productive).
010. Stop being so negative and self-conscious - I'm me, and I'm never going to be anything but me, so why not love it?

What about you guys? Any resolutions that you want to stick to this year? (And yes, I realize mine are quite boring, haha.) xx


  1. OMG I think we have the same New Years resolutions, well except for the fact that I will be graduating college Nice post have fun shopping.

    Btw I am following you, Check out my blog and following me


  2. Hi Kiki!

    Sorry for the late response, I have been busy lately.

    I hope you have a great 2010!!!

    And answering your question I like audrey hepburn a lot, and I have some of its movies, including of course Breakfast at tiffanys ;)


  3. my new years resolution is to basically, "not settle for less" and be happy single. I don't need anyone to make me happy but myself. Gosh I just don't want to die alone though. haha



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