017. | Before you pass by, will you pause to break my heart?

Whoo-ey, the past couple of days have been hectic.

(+) spending two whole days with my lovely (and lively) friend K, who has moved away *tear*
(+) spending many an hour playing video games, including (but not limited to) such exciting events as running over prostitutes, shooting up policemen, getting lit on fire, singing/screaming at the top of my lungs, banging on a plastic drum set, yelling angrily at re-spawning pirates, and earning lots of $$
(+) going out for lunch with friends and sitting in J's section, which led to everyone present laughing at ridiculous volumes and smiling so hard their faces hurt; afterwards, rearranging the cash tip on the table into an evil smiley face
(+) purchasing season one of THE BEST SHOW EVER, aka GLEE on DVD (I practically creamed my pants right there in the store when I saw it)
(+) watching Saw 5 for the zillionth time and hypothesizing with K what we would do put in a similar situation; then, laughing at all the plot holes - and STILL ending up confused at the end of the movie
(+) ODing on Monster drinks and laughing my ass off at 4am

Unfortunately, all of these great things led up to one giant FAIL:

(-) getting less than 8 hours of sleep in the past 3 days, and then working a shift with my least favorite supervisor (and person) in the world. To make things even more terrible, the pool was crazy-busy and a lady came in, absolutely drunk, and then tried to swim. (Good thing I didn't have to jump in and save her - I might have fallen asleep during the process.)

Oh well. It was totally worth it. >:D
As I write this, I'm cuddled up in the computer chair underneath a navy blue Snuggie (and really, it's not the most beautiful color ever, but it's a choice between red, blue, or puke green). Laugh all you want, but when you're freezing cold 24/7 and live in rural fucking Alberta during the wintertime like I do, they're pretty much the best ever. I admit that it's a LOT too big for me, and that I can't walk with it on because I'd break my nose from tripping, but still - j'adore!

^ My experience, minus the penis.

- Will post New Years' resolutions tomorrow, (hopefully) along with a best/worst of '09 feature and much, much more! (Oh Lord, am I tired. Now I'm starting to sound delusional. T.T)


  1. Oh God. I am so certainly following this blog, I actually laughed out loud. And that really doesn't happen much when reading, so kudos.
    Thanks for visiting my blog ♥

  2. WORK that snuggie.



  3. okay okay.
    I'm not doing to disagree with you but I secretly love my snuggie too. its so damn comfortable but the material is pretty darn cheap. I love it regardless and lost my shit when I received one as a present because I refused to pay for one but secretly wanted one. hahah



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