03. | She's a salt of the earth and she's dangerous.

My first Polyvore creation: Sex, Absinthe, and Paris. (Creep me - "scissorhands".)

top by Lovechild Boudoir, $43 CAD
jeans by Notify, $635 CAD
shoes by Forever 21, $29 CAD
bag by Marc Jacobs, $1, 338 CAD
bobby pins by Juicy Couture, $32 CAD for a set of 4
glamour dust by SHIMMER New York, $16 CAD
perfume by Victoria's Secret, $52 CAD
Italian butterfly mask (of unknown origins)

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  1. listening to editors - munich on your playlist right now. (: thank you for the suggestion. will go search up more songs laters. nice playlist btdubs. cool variety. you've got fall out boy! used to be so obsessed over them! well.. pete wentz mostly. then he got with ashley simpson. now i'm sad.

    sweet polyvore set. hot.


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