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OHMYGOD, I can't even BEGIN to describe how much I'm enjoying geeking out over old 90s pop right now. It's really a shame that boy bands and girl power groups went out when 2000 arrived, along with snap bracelets, tube tops, and denim jackets... Actually, nevermind. Maybe it's for the best that the 90s are over.

But I digress - Aqua is seriously too legit to quit. ♥ Excessive synth, auto-tune, corny-yet-partially-poetic lyrics spoken with strange accents, and bad rapping by Rene: I've missed you.



I have to admit, not much has changed. They're still batshit crazy and undeniably catchy. Not to mention that the news of their upcoming album AND newly-released "greatest hits" cd made me vomit unicorns and rainbows. >:D


On a completely unrelated note, here's a rather entertaining (but kind of discriminatory, and I apologize in advance for those offended - we weren't being racist intentionally) text conversation between my crazy friend A and me:

Me: "So, what did I miss in improv group today?"
A: "Not much. Just played some gays."
Me: "You played some gays? Lol."
A: "Lmfao. No. GAMES. XD"
Me: "Haha, yeah right. I know you guys love to tease them gays. ;)
A: "Haha...yeah. ;) We tease them so they come back for more."
Me: "Oh, how I love your T9 typos."
A: "OH WOW. Haha. Once I got your reply I read through my message again because I had a horrible, sinking feeling that I'd typed they come BLACK for more. Geez, haha."
Me: "Haha. 'Once you go black, you NEVER go back!"
A: "Lol. Omg. I'm so dumb. XD I'm mocha, so what does that make me?"
Me: "You're a halvsie. :)"
A: "...It sounds like I'm a half bread."
Me: "What?!"
A: "OMG *FACEPALM* Half-BREED. I swear I'm not srunk."
Me: "..."

*sigh* Oh, Mondays...


  1. Its my kind of crazy. Didn't realise aqua was still around

  2. wow i didn't know Aqua was still around either! they look good though and can't wait to hear what they come out with.

    so i credit myself for those lashes haha, i buy cheap Asian lashes, cut them up and custom make my own. I can't seem to find pre-made lashes that have the thickness and length i want so DIY as always!

    thanks, it's the colour of the bag that drew me to it and then i saw that it was python printed so it was a done deal. it wasn't too expensive, only $68? UO has really cute bags for cheap so you should have a look!

    great T9 typo convo btw, that made me laugh. good times.

  3. haha these photos are great!

  4. aqua, ohhh my goddd. i was so obsessed with them too!
    i had all of their cds, they look so much better now. hahaha.

  5. I'm a barbie girl

    in a barbie wor-rrld

    life is plastic

    it's fantastic.

    Comeon barbie let's go party
    Ooh ooh ooh yeeeah.

    ^ only song I've heard from Aqua. i still listen to it when i want to feel silly and completely awesome.


    and umm T9 word typos ftw. haha

    OMG word verification is "imsest".
    HAHAHAHAHA yeah i don't know why i'm laughing either.

  6. I dyed my hair neon red when I was 12 because I wanted to look like Lene x_x

  7. aqua were awesome. that convo LOL

  8. I've always loved Acqua. The singer hasn't aged a bit! my favourite is "Back in the 80s"...the lyrics always make me crap up :)


  9. DANG! i didn't know they were still going?! ahhh, so many memories :)

  10. aqua are still alive? i figured someone would have shot them all by now.
    hah your conversation made me chuckle.
    x x x


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