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I have officially fallen in love with Federation Clothing Ltd. Good thing Canada has a strong dollar right now, because I want EVERYTHING on their website! Now, if only I had the $$ to spend... sigh...


  1. Uh, pixelated seal tee. FANTASTIC.

  2. OMG those tights, those geometrically-shaped-awesome tee i want it all too!

    gonna google it right now.

    GRRRREAT now i'm all paranoid that someone's gonna steal my writing. thanks a lot, kiki :/ I'm gonna go.. umm copyright my stuff then hahahaha.

    loved this post. blog more.

  3. yussss go canada ! hahah.
    & those diamond kneed leggings are crrrrazy .

  4. tights, tartan and pixelated cheetahs are win. You don't hear that every day do you? lol

  5. those clothes are absolutely amazing! i mean, i don't really like the model they've dressed but if you look beyond her peroxide bob those clothes are just the right amount of punk :') perfect!
    x x x x x

  6. dang, i totally need these in my life, especially those funky plaid blazers... got me droooling


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