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Hugs&love to Mimi of Soy Confessions for giving me this award! It's very much appreciated. Mwah! xo

Apparently, I'm supposed to tag 7 other worthy bloggers and spill 7 secrets/facts about myself. So here goes nothing.

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Nicole of Le Mode Du Jour
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Check these bitches out!

Ze 7 Thingz

01. The only reason I keep my part-time job as a lifeguard is for the good pay. (No joke. I absolutely HATE my job.)
02. I sometimes wish that Mika was my best friend.
03. As a little girl (and I'm talking, like 8 or 9) I had a crush on the pre-plastic surgery, pre-skin bleaching Michael Jackson. Creepy, I know.
04. My favorite item of clothing is actually not really "clothing" at all...it's a pair of purple flats from Aldo (that absolutely KILL my feet, but I wear them anyways).
05. I went through an emo/scene kid phase three years ago. I've burned all the pictures.
06. I think LiLo gets too much flack. Yeah, she might be a crazy motherfucker, but at least she's interesting! + Mean Girls is the best movie EVER.
07. I get really obsessed with things, then give up on them as soon as they become difficult. I hate this about myself.


I was planning on posting a bunch to make up for my lack of additions recently, but I've come down with a terrible cold and honestly just want to curl up in my bed and die. So. More later, promise. <3


  1. Congrats on your award ;)

  2. dude don't feel silly. michael j was so hot before becoming sick.

    and you totes deserved this award!!! :DDD tralalas

  3. thanks for mentioning me on your blog :) and congrats on your award!


  4. hey kiki! sorry for being so late with this but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award! You're a sweetheart :)

    LOL a bunch of friends and I were JUST talking about the movie Mean Girls yesterday over dinner, we love that movie, it's freaking hilarious.

    Shoes are considered clothing in my books and kudos to you on wearing those purple flats even though they hurt. I'm like that too haha.


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