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Hola! Bit pressed for time, so this post is gonna have to be short. T.T (So busy today!)

Here's what I got over the weekend, shopping in the city (unfortunately, I couldn't buy much since my wallet is still in rehab from after The Christmas Blow):

by Blondo (but mine are black) Got them at a new store in the mall. Can't remember the name (I'm really pathetic at that sort of thing), but they have the CUTEST shoes! Gonna get some heels there for grad, methinks...

Picked up my own copy at Costco, haha. Super stoked to read this! (And drool over the clothing I will never be able to afford, and the dream jobs I will never be able to pursue. T.T)

Yes, I admit, I fall prey to his punny posts, over-the-top-flamboyancy, and scandalous gossip. So sue me!

Gah. My life has fast become one of mundane repetition in the form of studying. T.T Oh well, it'll all be over soon, and then I can post (slightly) more exciting blogs!



  1. The Teen Vogue Handbook is dhfdghyfing brilliant. I love it, ughhh.

  2. Love the boots, they are the perfect winter wear. Let us know how the teen vogue reading goes. It does look fabulous.

  3. I think you may be channeling the character from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!!!

    If you buy the Jackie O. sunglasses you KNOW you are! (tee hee)


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  4. Commenting baccccckkkk.

    NUMBERO UNO. I think the photography section is actually my favourite of the handbook, but it's at the end, so you have something to look forward to. Yeeee.

    NUMERO DOS. Mesh is fantastic. Random fact, there was this random quiz today, and it asked what your style was... one option, as mostly a joke, 'mesh top, acid washed jeans, and just one glove.' Which I had all worn in the past week.

    NUMERO THREE, because I don't know what 'three' is in french. I've got mad love for people that aren't homophobic.

    And that's the end of my monster comment.


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